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We know how difficult and distracting WFH is, which is why we’ve been implementing ways to create a space where you can work safely and efficiently. We’re excited to share how we’re changing things up to keep our coworking community safe, happy and hard at work.

In General:

We’re stationing automated hand sanitizer dispensers at every door and in the kitchen, with additional manual pumps in meeting rooms for your convenience. We’re utilizing our front reception area to check for symptoms of COVID-19. Masks are now mandatory indoors in Santa Clara County, so please remember to bring yours before coming to the space. For the first month back in business, we also ask that you hold off on having any visitors at Star Space in order to reduce the number of people and potential risk. We’re taking things slow at first, with your health in mind, but we’re confident things will go back to normal soon!


Our kitchen will be up and running with a few new additions. We will provide wrapped disposable silverware and disposable dishes and cups along with a low-touch coffee dispenser so you can still get your daily caffeine fix. Clorox wipes will also be placed in the kitchen so you can wipe down surfaces.

Open Workspace:

Our phone booths will be closed for now, but the desks in our open workspace are still available–with some adjustments. All desks will be 6 feet apart and communal tables will have limited seating, also at 6 feet apart. We also removed lounge furniture around the space to encourage social distancing and reduce touch points.


Signs will be posted around the office, so if you aren’t sure about something, consult the signs! You can find signs detailing social distancing information at the following areas:

  1. The exterior of the front door
  2. Bathrooms
  3. Any other high-use areas that members will be passing regularly

We’re continuing to come up with creative solutions everyday and thank our members for their support and flexibility as we make the most of our current crisis. The Star Space crew is committed to providing a calm, safe, and comfortable space to be, and we look forward to welcoming back our community when we reopen.